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This is where everything starts. A full 1 hour just for you and all our attention. We will get to move but also to get to know you, understand your current fitness situation, your needs your goals, and explore the possibilities and options to help you reach them.


The “Intro Series” is the entry point and a requirement to start the Barefoot Movers path. It consists of three (3) 1 hour long one on one sessions specifically designed for the new student to receive 100% attention, explore the different aspects of movement and fitness, re-learn or refresh movement skills, spot areas that require more attention and prepare the student to join, enjoy and get more out of the small group sessions.


After completion of the “Intro Series” you will be ready to start taking part of our small group sessions. With a maximum of six (6) participants per session. Our small group sessions are an ideal option to still get a lot of attention, but also all the benefits of being a part of a small training community. All sessions are 1 hour long and you will have the possibility not only to improve the quality of your movements, but also progressively challenge and improve in all the different areas of fitness.


At Barefoot Movers we also offer one on one training, which is a great option for those looking to get active again and need a little extra attention initially. This service is also great for those that find it difficult to make it to our Small Group Sessions. With private training, you will receive 100% attention. This opportunity can be a great start to your long term fitness journey and create durability.