Julie Angel

Julie Angel

Personal Coaching with Rodrigo and Barefoot Movers is a fun and interesting way to spend time outside and get stronger and fitter without having to go to a gym or bootcamp and get shouted at. Since training regularly with Rodrigo I feel a renewed sense of possibility around making a complete recovery from some niggling old injuries and knowing that my previous levels of strength and flexibility are as accessible to me now as they were 5 years ago. He finds a way to challenge you while supporting you the whole time. No matter how I feel at the start of the session it always ends with me smiling, laughing and feeling alive and strong. If you love being outside and moving in a variety of ways Rodrigo is the coach you want to be working with. From being barefoot on the grass to moving on the sand and jumping in the ocean, this is a real world form of natural fitness that I don't ever want to stop feeling and doing. Thank you Rodrigo!

Maria Lorena Mizzau

Maria Lorena Mizzau

Highly recommend, the classes with Rodrigo are amazing he is a wonderful trainer and also he give you the confidence you need, he is passionate about helping others to recover flexibility, strength in your mind and also in your body!!!
No doubt this classes make me feel much better in every aspect and also you get in contact with nature, sometimes our life routines make us not realize how important is to get in touch with ourselves!
Give it a try and I guarantee you will be in no time a barefoot lover!šŸ‘šŸ˜‰

Christina Bell.jpg

Christina Bell

I have been wanting to try out one of these sessions for months and finally made it happen last Thursday. I am so thankful I did! As a type 1 diabetic I struggle to find activities that will work/challenge my body but not drop my blood sugar super low. Happy to report Ieft feeling alive and full of energy and can't wait to do it again! Thank you Rodrigo


Diana Noriega de alegre

The last time I had so much fun in the park was when I was a kid, being outdoors, challenging my body with new movements while waking up my brain learning muscle connection has been an amazing experience. My body is getting stronger and Iā€™m actually enjoying to workout again

My name is Shane Maher and I have been doing barefoot movement with
Rodrigo for 1.5 years.
Where do i even start to explain how wonderful this journey has been.
I have been active all my life playing competitive sports like soccer,
surfing and doing weights.
When I came to Rodrigo i had beaten my body up quite alot, he
completely analysed my physique and movement style in his own unique
subtle and gentle way, he developed tailor made plans for me without
me even realizing.
We have never repeated activities in a session every week he has new
fun interesting challenges.
And over the course of 6 months he worked on core strength
conditioning balance, movement agility and flexibility. I also lost
20lbs in the process, my body feels 10 years younger and strong from
the base up, I feel like a new man.
All of this happened in the park in the sun while laughing and joking
and having a great time as well no boot camping or yelling, just
constant minor improvements building a foundation of strength.
Its has been one of the greatest journeys of my life with Rodrigo and
i cannot thank him enough for helping me connect to my own body in a
learning curve of love and generosity.
I would recommend him to every person on the planet, go check it out
and find your inner beast that is dormant inside of you.

Thanks Shane

Shane Crab Reach.JPG