About the Founder

Hi there, I am Rodrigo Gallego and the founder of Barefoot Movers, I am glad that you have found our site and that you are checking it out.

Movement has been always an essential part of my life. Since very early I discovered that when moving and playing sports was when I felt my best, a very easy way for me to fall into a state of "Flow".

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My whole life has been always marked by movement and nature, spending lots of my time practicing organize sports but also moving and playing at the beach and other natural environments. I was still in my teen years when I discover another passion: teaching and coaching.

Soon after that I encountered another passion, traveling, and it was teaching again the key that opened many doors for me, giving me the opportunity to immerse myself into different cultures and experiences. Later family and businesses come after, but the pleasure of moving and teaching has never left.

During the last few years a growing need of becoming somehow helpful to others was taking a big portion of my thoughts. The result of that inner search is translating into Barefoot Movers today, a place where I can connect to others, share my passion about movement, well-being,  the environment, hoping to inspire and motivate positive changes in their lives.

We all know that movement is essential for our well-being, but unfortunately not much movement is necessary in our modern lives, and because of that we are becoming dangerously too sedentary.
My goal with Barefoot Movers is to provide an opportunity to re-connect with the joy and benefits of moving well, moving better, moving more and doing that in close relation to our environment.

Please send us an e-mail to info@barefootmovers.com if you have any questions or to schedule your free trial session with me. I am looking forward to moving barefoot and outside with you.